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Monday, 16 December 2013 19:06

Pam needs your help more than I do

Written by Mike

Through these difficult times my wife Pam is being brilliant.  She’s totally driven to spend her every moment trying to come up with new ways of keeping me going longer and better, and I totally appreciate that.  She’s being brave, strong and she’s making my life as good as it can be.  Thank you Pam – I promise I’ll never call you a ‘fat arsed lazy cow’ ever again!

I often think that in some ways, Pam has the harder end of our situation.  That’s because in my case, there’s an end.  Not one I want for sure, but an end.  But in Pam’s case, there isn’t.  On the days and months that will follow my departure, she has to keep going.

The same applies to Jo and Will, my kids.  I really wanted to be there for them at the important points in their life, and now that opportunity for us is being swept away.

I do everything I can to appreciate what Pam’s doing and make sure she knows she’s loved.  But I need your help.

Please do anything and everything you can to support her.  As well as almost certainly losing me soon, she’s also lost her Mum this year to cancer as well.  There’s only so much beating a broken heart can take.

Pam’s not looking for help, but she does like to be able to talk and to be listened to.  So if you bump into Pam over the next few days, take a few moments.  Chat with her about what’s going on and how she feels.  Just the act of doing that will help her get through another day, and you’ll be helping both her and me.  Thank you…



Mike McCormac has been a photographer since about ten years old.  He's a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, and splits his time between living in Olney in the United Kingdom and a village in the hills near Paphos in Cyprus.

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