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Sunday, 22 December 2013 19:59

The ticking bomb...

Written by Mike
The ticking bomb that could go off anytime The ticking bomb that could go off anytime

Last Wednesday 18 December, I finally had a radioactive PET Scan done, the last obstacle I had to clear before being able to start chemotherapy treatment in early January. Of course we had all the jokes about Mike hates pets and naturally of course the scan found an aardvark inside me.

As we left the Churchill Hospital in Oxford (and with me presumably still radioactive) we were in high spirits. Getting chemotherapy started will be good because at least it ought to halt the relentless degradation of my ability to do things. It’s not a cure, but if it can get me some more weeks, or maybe even months, that’s got to be a great result.

The bolt from the blue came on Thursday evening. A doctor from the local surgery called round to our house to ask me to phone Milton Keynes Hospital. Instantly I was concerned. Doctors don’t get out of surgeries into cars to go tell patients to call hospitals unless something is seriously amiss.

I called the hospital. The news was the PET Scan had discovered blood clots on my lungs. If one were to detach and go to my heart, that would be the end through an instant and massive heart attack.  And it could happen at any time...

I needed to get to the hospital pronto to start treatment for this – just one more treatment to add to the ever-growing list. The fun bit of this one is I have to inject myself with the drugs daily. As always the medical professionals were great and now I can inject myself with the blood clot treatment stuff no problem. We’ve even been given our own sharps box for the kitchen.

With all new dimensions like this, you have to ask, don’t you? What is the probability? How does this change my life expectancy? I got the waffly answer with no real information. The best I could get to after some pushing was days, maybe weeks…

The essence of continuing survival seems to be to take it as easy as possible. I must not do anything that might strain my heart in any way. Given that, I bet you can guess the pace I’m taking life at now! And of course I continue to try to get the best from every day I’m given.

Each day is becoming precious…

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