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Tuesday, 24 December 2013 22:25

Friendships are what life is about

Written by Mike

Today’s thought is about friends.  I mention it because friends have brought me so much pleasure recently.  I like to think I’m a people person, but along the way you make mistakes, or you say things you don’t really mean, or just time passes and suddenly you find you have lost touch.

As a part of setting myself short term objectives to keep me going, motivated and happy day-by-day, I’ve been trying to fix some of the friendship blunders I’ve made over the years.  And interestingly, some of the people on the other end of the friendship have been doing exactly the same.


Here are some highlights I’ve really enjoyed…

  • I had a really close mate in the sixth form at school.  When we left school, we remained close.  We both married, and the friendship continued.  But this fell into the ‘time passed’ category.  I remade contact recently, and a couple of days later was delighted to open the front door to see my mate of twenty years ago beaming at me.  We spent a great afternoon drinking coffee and talking about times past and times present.  Fantastic.
  • A guy I knew during my living in London period.  He too was a gricer, and we spent happy times touring the country looking at all sorts of things.  I built a model railway, and he was fantastic in helping me take it to exhibitions and operate it.  He and I and our respective wives really hammed it up at the shows and had a lot of fun.  But again, this fell into the ‘time passed’ category and faded over the last seven years.  Imagine how delighted I was to get an email from him remaking contact…
  • Another school buddy called me today.  He had heard the news, was horrified and wanted to come and see me, bringing another of our close circle from school with him.  I guess like most 17-18 year old guys, I was in a small group that stuck together at school, had fun and looked out for each other.  I’m now back in contact with all that group.  They’re visiting next Monday…
  • I had a boss who I never really saw eye-to-eye with, even though we worked together respectfully and productively for many years.  We made a great team, but somehow we never really jelled as friends, a disappointment to me.  Out of the blue he got in touch and we’re talking again.  It was great to revisit some of the business challenges we faced then, how we addressed them, and what we might do now if faced with the same scenarios.
  • Another work colleague I worked with much more recently.  We once had a serious (internal) business meeting going on where somebody was pointing out that everything was going ‘tits-up’. The colleague’s eyes caught mine and we both started to laugh.  In her view of the world, ‘tits-up’ was a good thing.  As a big fan of the female form I have to agree.  She’s coming over for coffee later in the week.
  • Perhaps the extreme example is a recent colleague from the college in Cyprus.  He came to visit us here to make sure we were OK and to help in any way he could.  This is a very current friendship, so it doesn’t fit the story.  I include it because I was gob-smacked somebody should make that much effort.
  • I’ve also had a lot of emails from people I’ve worked with over the years saying nice things about me.  Thank you.  I’m certain most of the thanks are unjustified – but that’s for you to judge. You guys (and girls) are also welcome here for coffee whenever you want. (I’m sorry – I’m finding travelling significant distances more difficult – but I make probably the best coffee in Olney).

Friendships matter

So what’s the point I’m making?  It’s very simple.  The world is about friendships.  One of the mistakes I’ve made in my life was not to cherish friendships or take them seriously enough.

That line of thinking is dangerous because you can use it to beat yourself up along the lines of “If only I’d done this…”

So I’ve turned it around to do something positive – and that’s re-make contact to find peace and harmony where it once existed – but for whatever reason had gone.  That’s productive, because it’s positive.

Now think about your own life.  Where have you blundered?  Who could you pick the phone up to now?  Go do it!

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