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Friday, 27 December 2013 12:20

It's Christmas!

Written by Mike
Christmas Lunch Christmas Lunch

Good news!  I have achieved an objective and had a truly lovely Christmas.  When we first got the news of my condition and life expectancy, I remember thinking the objective had to be to live as long as Christmas.  I’ve done that and I’m delighted.  And what a wonderful Christmas we’ve had.

Carols at Midnight

Christmas started out for me on Christmas Eve when we went to the midnight Carol Service at St Peter and St Paul’s Church in Olney.  This church is a very beautiful building, its tall spire dominating the surrounding countryside.  I’ve never been inside the church before, but the building with its tall distinctive spire has appeared in lots of photos I’ve taken around Olney.

St Peter and St Pauls Church Olney

St Peter and St Paul's Church, Olney.  
A truly beautiful and uplifting building.

I talked about friendships a few days ago; try this for the long arm of coincidence.  As the service was starting, I realised the Rector looked familiar.  Very familiar indeed.  It didn’t take long to put together the memory of a colleague I used to work with several years ago and the lady now the Rector of Olney.   Another one of those ‘Wow!’ moments…

After the service we had a brief chat and I’m really looking forward to seeing Claire again over the next few days.

The Carol Service was lovely and we sang our hearts out.  We may not be musical, but we enjoyed ourselves.  Check out our rendition of ‘Oh Come All Ye Faithful’… (Opens in a new window - and not to be missed.  This is droning on a major scale).

Christmas Lunch

We had our Christmas Lunch at the Red Lion in Brafield-on-the-Green.  When I say ‘We’, It was an unusual ‘we’.  In this case the ‘we’ comprised my daughter and son Jo and Will, my wife Pam and my first wife Jenny, and of course me.  And the best bit is we all got along famously, but then, when you sit and think about it, we should.  We all have a huge shared interest.

We certainly weren't the quietest table as we let off loads of party poppers and opened presents.  But we all had a good time and sadly too soon it was time to go home.

Christmas Lunch

We weren't the quietest table...

Pam and I then had a quiet evening at home before turning in for the night.  The last action before doing so was to set up one of my presents, a DAB radio.  From here on in I intend to get back to listening to BBC Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme in the mornings.  I like being bang up to date with current affairs, I like listening to the 8.10 interview, and I like listening to the business news.  And that’s all packed in between 8am and 8.30am every day.  Not to be missed.

Breakfast this morning featured another one of my presents.  My daughter Jo was good enough to get me a ‘Man Bowl’.  My wife Pam was good enough to make me eat my breakfast from it.  I hate it when those two get together to wind me up.

The Man Bowl

I loved the Christmas present from my daughter Jo.  
She has the measure of me perfectly with the Man Bowl.

The next objective?

I don’t know what the next objective is yet, but I need to get it decided fast.  The first objective of living to Christmas worked, now I need something similar that’s not too far out, but is just as symbolic.  And I need it fast.

My hope for you

I was focussed on having a great Christmas because without some form of miracle, that’s been my last.  I hope you too were able to throw yourselves into your Christmas with the same gusto and that you enjoyed Christmas as much as I did.

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