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Sunday, 14 March 2010 18:11

Pitargou - Another Deserted Village

Written by Mike
Deserted village of Pitargou, Paphos District, Cyprus Deserted village of Pitargou, Paphos District, Cyprus

"Where do you live?" I asked.  "Letymbou.  Well just outside Letymbou actually, on the road to the deserted Turkish village at Pitargou." 

I'm fascinated by the deserted Turkish villages in the Republic of Cyprus, so I had to go and have a look.

Pitargou was easy to find at the end of a delightful narrow road.  I parked up, and walked.

Pitargou is another one of the Turkish villages that's been deserted since the war of 1974.  The occupants presumably fled north to what is now the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, or maybe they weren't so lucky.

The village remains, deserted, against the day the occupants may return if Cyprus' troubles ever get resolved.


Well not quite deserted actually.  In fact, very occupied.  By a family with lots and lots of goats.

The goats were everywhere, bleating as I set about photographing the remains of the village.  The bleating alerted a friendly old lady to my presence, but her English and my Greek ran out pretty quickly after "Yiasu".

Like the other deserted villages, the occupants will have a lot of DIY to do if they ever return.  The buildings are all tumbledown, the land overgrown.


It was fun picking out the tiny streets, and trying to piece together how people lived in Pitargou.  I came across a kleftiko oven that'll need a lot of work before anybody uses it to cook a stew again.

The mosque was reaonably well preserved in comparison with the other buidings in Pitargou, but fenced off to keep the goats out and all locked up.

Photographically, an interesting subject.  I made many of the pictures monochrome, I think it suits the feeling of the remains of the village.

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Mike McCormac has been a photographer since about ten years old.  He's a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, and splits his time between living in Olney in the United Kingdom and a village in the hills near Paphos in Cyprus.

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